Your Online Reputation Really does Matter

your reputation

How Important is a person’s reputation? Does a business’s public conduct really impact its sales and public standing within society? Can a famous celebrity or a popular public figure lose their credibility due to negative publicity? The answer to all of these questions is yes.

In the grand scheme of things, a person’s character does matter. For some people it means a great deal. Individuals who earn their living by working with the public must safeguard their reputations. High profile personalities such as entertainers, sports stars and professional athletes must be careful about how they conduct themselves when they are mingling with crowds or going to the store.

A service company must always monitor their employees to ensure that they are providing top quality care for their customers and the general public. If not, their employees bad service can quickly ruin an organization. No one can escape their reputation. The outside world will always define and judge people by how they say and what they do.

digital reputationThe internet has changed how the world does business and how people interact. One of the best things about the World Wide Web is that businesses and people can advertise their brand, product and services at any given time of the day. Before the 1995 this was not possible. People who wanted to find out about a business or a particular organization had to research these entities at the library or they had to wait till a business was open to pay them a visit.

People had to rely on newspapers, magazines and local news stations find out more information about their favorite public figure. The point is that this has all changed. People can now put in a business’s name in a search box and seconds later millions of results will turn up. Hopefully, most of these results will be positive.

Organizations and individuals who receive negative feedback, criticism and publicity online are going to suffer. It is a known fact that a business can stand to lose at least 17% of its sales when customers or consumers associate something negative with an organization. Bad information can also ruin a public figure’s standing within society. An entertainer can lose their fan base if the wrong type of news is published about them.

personal imagePeople do not like to associate with negative people. They will also look down on any organization or business that has been identified in a negative manner. Yes, in this day and time everybody’s reputation does matter. Some entities will have to be more concerned about their rep than others. If an organization or individual’s reputation is damaged, then they should use a reputation management company to help get it back on track.